About Mia

Hi, I’m Mia, a certified hypnotherapist; a qualified and highly regarded professional in the field of hypnosis. I’ve been helping my clients tap into their subconscious, rewiring their belief systems to become more positive and goal oriented, and guiding them to become the best version of themselves, for nearly 10 years.

There is always room for more bliss in your life. Why sit back and wait for the day that you’ll open your eyes, when you could start right now, learning to understand your mind and programing your subconscious to work for you, so that you can easily break bad habits and old routines and replace them with healthy ones that are good for you. You really can wake up each day with a smile. Happiness is a state of mind – it’s time that you control your mind.

More Coming Soon

Email me at: hypnosisisbliss@gmail.com